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"Sam is very good at what he does and was very helpful as my agent for my education at UVic.   Aside from the great recommendations about my education in Canada, he also guided me on many places to visit in Victoria and Vancouver.  Therefore, I never got bored or felt lonely while studying in Canada.   My family and I have been very pleased with UCAN as my agent."--Thiti  (University of Victoria, Canada; and Kasetsart University, Thailand)


UCAN Study in Canada is excellent in advisory service on Canada's educational system, programme application, admission, visa, and even general knowledge about Canada to prepare me for my Work and Study diploma in Canada.   Through Sam, I learnt about  many study options for public and private institutions: e.g., UBC, UVic, CCEL, and ISS of BC.  Sam  has always been on time and on target when he advises me from APPLICATION to ADMISSION and in any of the above aspects of Work and Study in Canada.  His private consulting service is prompt, accurate and clear.--Prayot  (Language College - ISS of BC, Canada; and Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) 


"ขอบคุณ UCAN Study in Canada มากเลยค่ะ ตอนนี้ได้เข้ามาเรียนที่ UVic ทาง UCAN Study in Canada ให้คำปรึกษาดีมาก ทั้งเรื่องการเรียน ที่อยู่ การปรับตัวใช้ชีวิต ได้รับคำแนะนำแบบมืออาชีพจริงๆค่ะ :)" Translation: Many thanks to UCAN Study in Canada: Now I am admitted to University of Victoria.  UCAN Study in Canada has been giving excellent advice on education, accommodation,  and even adjustment to living in Canada.  I have received genuinely professional services. " 

Rita  (University of Victoria, Canada; and Kasetsart University, Thailand)

"I thank you very much for the information: best advice and good services that are helpful for me"

Nipada N.

 (University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; and Mahasarakam U., Thailand)

"I was with another agency for my last  study in Canada, and I can feel the difference about student care between them and Sam at UCAN Study in Canada, that is my agent for my  current college education.  Unlike other agencies, Sam is not only helpful but also knowledgeable about many things in Canada INDEED. Whatever you want to know about Canada, you can always go to 'Google Sam’ ''

Noon C.

 (George Brown College, Toronto, Canada; and Kasetsart University, Thailand)

Sam has been a great advisor, giving me all the information that I needed while I was looking for programs to study in Canada. 

He has assisted me throughout the application process from the beginning to the end, as well as information regarding visa and living in Canada.
I am now living and working in Canada.  It all started from Sam.
Million thanks are never enough!
 I highly recommend UCAN Study in Canada to help you in your educational needs in Canada.

Warunee (U. of Victoria, Canada; and St. Theresa International College, Thailand. Candidate for CGA -- Certified General Accountant, Canada)

Sam  has been a very good advisor.  His  advice has helped me a lot.  I have gone through many problems successfully with help from Sam. I am glad to have Sam as my agent.   Thank you very much, Sam, for everything. 

Wich (Columbia College, Canada; and H.J. Cambie Secondary School, Canada)


Sam is the most reliable adviser I have ever had. He does such a great job in giving information to a student who doesn't know anything about studying abroad, like me. It's been really comfortable to have Sam handling all the document stuff. He makes everything lots easier!  

Not only can I ask for his advice about studying in Canada, but I can also ask him all the questions in my mind: such as, how the towns look like, how the people there are, and what kind of programs suit my requirements. Especially, he always comes up with very useful answers.   Moreover, he has helped me find a university and a program that go along with my desires.

Sea (UFV, Canada; and Bangkok University, Thailand)


On deciding to select Sam to manage my study plans in Canada, I initially wondered somewhat  if I had made the right decision.  However, since then, I know have made the correct decision.  This is because Sam takes care of me [as his client] and provides a full range of advisory services  Even after I have arrived in Canada, Sam still continues to follow up with calls to see how I am doing and render advice on all matters.  I can also ask him any questions anytime, so much so that I do not feel forsaken or alone in Canada.   Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sam very much for his continued assistance and consulting throughout [my education].

Yaowapa (VanWest College, Canada; NIDA, and Bangkok University, Thailand)


Since I began study at this college, I have improved my English skills. All staff are very friendly. I have new friends from many countries, with whom I have made intercultural exchanges.  Everyday, the college offers many activities after class, and you can choose to join whichever ones you like. I believe I have made an excellent decision to study English at this college. Among the friendly and lovely students here, there are ONLY 2 students from Thailand, including myself. Every week, each student is tested to evaluate progress compared to the individual study plan. The teachers are easy to understand. Because there are not many students in each class, each teacher is better able to provide attention to all students in the class.  I have gained many great experiences from this college!

Noey (VanWest College, Canada; and Bangkok U's International College, Thailand)


After around 3 months in Canada, I am now fully settled and really enjoy being here. When I was first here, I ran into various small issues , but I received great help from both Sam [authorised agent] and Kyubek [regional manager of the college]. I am very impressed that, even today, I can still get their help, advice, and answers for questions on everything.
First month here, my ATM card was eaten by the machine. Kyubek came to the bank in 10 minutes to totally clear the problem for me: an example of why I feel at ease here knowing that the college can help me with my problems in Canada.   I feel comfortable knowing that after payment to the college, Sam does not disappear, not as could have been expected from many of other agencies in Thailand (like that for my friend who went to the UK and told me that the agent never contacted her again after her paid registration). On the contrary, Sam still continues to follow up with me till today to ensure I am fine. He regularly contacts me, even by phone. I also told my friend Noon (who studies at the same college) that we are very lucky to have Sam as our authorised agent, who never charges any commission for our Canadian education, whose study cost is also inexpensive. (Thanks to Sam for also helping to teach me English while I am already in Canada.) Once again, thank you very much, Sam, for your help in all matters.

Kwang (VanWest College, Canada; and Rangsit U., Thailand)


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